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Steppin' Out Akimbo Settee Steppin' OutSteppin' Out Akimbo Settee

Steppin' Out Akimbo Settee
Clearly inspired by the long and diverse life of the Windsor Chair, the Steppin’ Out Akimbo Settee is as much a celebration of wood’s natural forms and quirks. Akimbo is no less reminiscent of a Coltrane solo. It is a somewhat jangling composition of parts leaning together in syncopation and harmony. From the steam-bent, asymmetrical crest rail to the oddly kinetic hand-shaved legs, to the profusion of infinitesimal pegs, wedges, splines and dowels which reinforce seat, spindles, and stretchers, Akimbo is an outgrowth of outgrowths, and defiantly organic in shape and texture. There is no metal anywhere in this settee. All joinery is cut and fitted by hand, with hand tools, then glued and clamped in place for delicate, yet remarkably strong finished and very functional two person seat, as decorative as it is comfortable.
Samuel Moyer Furniture is committed to sustainable building and sourcing practices, and to moving slow, local furniture forward.
Hand made, one at a time, in the U.S.A., each settee is completely unique. Wood is locally and sustainably sourced, and includes a wide variety of species, reclaimed, salvaged, reused often, and whenever possible. In the case of the crest rail (the curved top) the material is steamed and bent “green” straight from the tree, so that it can be properly curved. As the wood dries, shrinks, and seasons, its grip on the spindles grows even tighter as it dries. Joinery includes through-wedged mortise and tenon joints which are aesthetically striking, as well as structurally strong.
The hand-applied finish is a non-toxic, sustainable, environmentally friendly, low VOC Tung Oil blend.Unless otherwise specified, Akimbo is made from our choice combinations of salvaged and reclaimed Black Walnut, Oak, Chestnut, Douglas Fir, Cedar, American Sycamore, Catalpa, Maple, Black Cherry and others.
Steppin' Out Akimbo Settee

Steppin' Out Akimbo Settee
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